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Witch Saga 1 (Premium)

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Witch Saga Premium is the ad-free version of the interactive novel Witch Saga. It's like nothing else on Android!A sinister god, conspiracy, madness, betrayal, dark magic, it’s all here in Witch Saga Volume 1. Can you survive to the end?
Marooner's Point is the most boring town on Earth, or so you thought when your mother sends you there to spend the summer with your uncle. As it turns out, this sleepy little town has an evil secret and YOU are about to get caught up in it. As a new witch how will you use your magic? Who can you trust? Can you survive to the end of this interactive novel?
From Delight Games, the publisher of Wizard's Choice and Zombie High.
*** Features ***- Super simple to learn with one thumb/finger touch control.- Your decisions determine the story line as well as the scores of Life, Manna (your witch magical powers), Sanity, and Cool.- Rank at the end (if you survive).